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with those who can not afford it. Coffeeshare is a project that allows you to support those in your community, who because of their difficult financial situation can not afford to buy a drink or enjoy relaxing in a cafe. Dropping in some change can help someone quench their thirst, recharge their batteries, as well as enable less fortunate to spend time with the comfort of a coffee in an environment in which, due to their financial distress, is no longer feasable.

Coffeeshare is a positive form of expression and dissent against the growing poverty which continues to threaten a growing number of people as well as create a spatial discrimination - an exclusion of people from other meeting places.

The project aims to alleviate the situation of the weakest, to deliver socially alienated individuals a sense of belonging, reciprocity and respect and help create real solidarity in the community in which we inhabit.

The project is inspired by the tradition of the so-called. "Caffè sospeso" - or "suspended" coffee which originated in postwar Naples, where a cup of coffee was not considered a luxury, but a basic human right. So it goes, if someone who had experienced good luck would order a sospeso, paying the price of two coffees but receiving and consuming only one. A poor person enquiring later whether there was a sospeso available would then be served a coffee for free. The caffè sospeso has been identified as a symbol of grassroots social solidarity, prompting its revival in response to the 2008 recession and ensuing eurozone crisis. It has since spread worldwide. Today over two thousand cafes and restaurants around the world are involved, some of which allow you not only to buy a second cup of coffee, but also an entire meal.


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If you like the idea of Coffeeshare, and would like to help, or add your cafe to our list, or if you have a favourite cafe which you think would like to take part in our project, please contact us below :

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The initiative is not a foundation, has no employees, no formal expenses, and does not offer any possibility of tax gifts. Cafes that participate do not take any commission or percentage of donations. All the money that you drop into the jars, go to those who need them.
The project is not sponsored or not part of any organization. It lives through individuals who share the need to help the socially weak and want to connect diverse communities currently broken apart by financial hardship. We continue to follow the global "Suspension Coffee" movement. To learn more about it click here : http://www.suspendedcoffees.com
The ease of donating, is both the strength and weakness of the project, you don't. It is a matter of conscience and karma for all of those involved, whether the money will remain suspended for those who really need it. We are in regular contact with cafes to judge the project's success. We are interested in any experiences you might have, please contact us via the website.
We are in direct contact with shelters, drop-in / day care centers, retirement homes, nursing homes, who have all taken to talking with the people in need. They expain how the project works and which cafes in their area are participating.
It is not for us to make rules for suspension coffee. All cafes have the opportunity to implement their own rules and conditions on how to dispense coffee. Some cafes offer different kinds of drinks, others only offer coffee to go, please respect each cafe's choices.
Contact us, and let us know where you would like to see Coffeeshare near you, or speak directly to the owner or manager of your favorite coffee shop, and request they contact us. We offer each cafe a branded Jar, flyers, and a coffeeshare sticker for the door. Please Send us your feedback, or any suggestions on how we can help the project grow.